Alcohol treatment Kansas City rehabilitation center

Kansas City alcohol treatment rehabilitation center is committed to assist you to help yourself or a loved one suffering from alcoholism. Where intervention is needed, our specialists help us plan an orderly intervention at a neutral ground and arrange for the alcoholic to be absorbed into our rehabilitation center soon after.  Our treatment programs are specially designed for each addict after a psychological, emotional and physical examination has been done.  If a recommended program is not working well for an addict, there is room for adjustment to accelerate the recovery process.  Our alcohol treatment program entails the following basic services;


Before an addict is admitted to our program, a specialist assesses their physical, psychological and emotional state. The alcohol intake is measured depending on how long the addiction has lasted. Assessment results are crucial in determining what treatment approach to use for individual patients and which treatment option will be effective for a treatment leading to recovery.


An addict is required to clean out all alcohol traces in their bodies through a detox process. It is the hardest part of the treatment because an addict suffers from painful withdrawal symptoms. Detoxification is done under medical supervision and twenty four hours observation because it can cause an addict health complications requiring medical attention.

One on one therapy

A professional therapist attends to one patient at a time. In this therapy sessions an addict talks about personal or family issues or anything that might have caused the addiction as the therapist listens while at the same time analyzing those issues. This information is used to incorporate measures in an individual’s treatment plan to enhance effectiveness.Watch our youtube video to get more details on drug rehab in kansas city.

Group therapy and counseling sessions

Addicts participate in group counseling sessions where they talk about their problems and they help each other devise ways to conquer them. Group sessions help addicts to open up about addiction because they feel fellow addicts understand them and they will not be judgmental. Being able to talk about addiction is good for healing. Also the addicts learn from each other’s experiences.

Relapse prevention

To prevent an addict from relapsing once they leave the alcohol free rehab center, we work on changing their perceptions of addiction and alcohol. We also work on making them view life in a new perspective and make them realize that their future will be brighter without alcohol. This approach has been effective in keeping addicts focused on recovering even when exposed to alcohol.

Follow up programs

Once addicts leave our facilities, we follow up on their progress giving them assistance whenever they need it. They become members of our community support programs which provide the needed help and support whenever they experience challenges or relapse temptations.

Best Alcohol treatment center has programs that offer you the best treatment services that are effective in leading you to sobriety.