Center for alcohol addiction treatment

For a long time, people have propagated some kind of double standard about how men are the better alcohol drinkers then women. While most of the reasoning behind the tales is erroneous, evidence from our research shows that men in fact react to alcohol a little more differently than women. The research indicates that while men are more likely to become alcoholics than women, it is the fairer sex that will suffer more profound health effects from drinking. Below are some of the dynamics that we have found to affect alcohol addiction treatment between men and women.

Men tend to start drinking earlier

After our studies, we established that average, a girl will have their first drink at the age of 13. This is 2 years later than the average age at which boys have their first drink. Similarly, 10 percent of men who get introduced to alcohol will develop dependency in their lifetimes compared to only 4.6 percent of the women. The male body needs to consume a higher amount of alcohol than the female body to reach the same level of intoxication.  Men’s social behavioral patterns also predispose them to binge drinking, which is defined as taking more than five drinks in a 2 hour period.

When men get drunk:

  • They engage in fights and assaults.
  • They end up in alcohol related deaths or hospital stays.
  • They are prone to committing suicide.

For these reasons, we recommend constant monitoring of alcoholics and for them to seek treatment before the drinking habit becomes a complete addiction.

Women start drinking later and get more harmful effects

A study that was carried out in Germany about women and alcoholism showed that females are twice as likely to die from alcohol related problems as men. The female body gets more harmed y alcohol than the male body, even when both have been exposed to the same alcohol levels.

When women drink, they develop the following issues faster than men:

  • Liver cirrhosis
  • Cancer of the mouth, throat, breast and liver
  • Brain and heart damage

These are health complications that are life-threatening. Normally, our aim is to address the issues as soon as they emerge in order to avert such complicated outcomes.

The steps to rehabilitation

We have a specific process that we normally follow in alcohol or drug rehabilitation. We usually encourage our patients to start by acknowledging that they have a dependency problem. After they have admitted that they have a problem, we normally recommend that they commit to make a difference. This is followed by admission or out-patient sessions depending on the dependency level. By the end of our process, our patients are able to put addiction in their past.

As if you see the symptoms of alcohol which is not good for anyone’s health. If you have a dependency issue, visit our alcohol addiction treatment center and have the problem rectified before it creates further health complications.